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Fully automatic pipeline to diagnose muscle diseases with MRI

Accelerate your Neuromuscular Disease research and diagnosis with the power of Artificial Intelligence and Magnetic Ressonance Imaging



We are seeking for collaboration with clinicians worldwide that have muscle MRIs of patients with a confirmed diagnosis. If you are interested in collaborating, please click here



This project is funded by grants from AFM-Telethon and MD-UK to Prof. Jordi Díaz-Manera. If you are interested in funding the project, please contact us at [email protected]

Newcastle University

Newcastle University, (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) is a world-class institution with a long tradition of Medical and Computing sciences, leading research in a broad range of fields.

John Walton Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre

The JWMDRC, (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) brings together and consolidates Newcastle's distinguished, international and world-leading record in research and care for neuromuscular diseases. The team worlks closely with the NHS towards the development and application of genomic and translational medicine to improve the health outcomes of people living with neuromuscular diseases.

The MYO-Guide Team

The team is composed by a mix of experts in Neuromuscular Diseases, Artificial Intelligence and Project Management. We bring together professors, lecturers, PhD and MS students to make this project possible. Click here to meet the team!

The MYO-Guide Consortium

MYO-Guide wouldn't be possible without our international collaborator network. We owe a big thanks to all the centres, clinicians and researchers that have kindly shared their data with us. Click here for a complete list of all collaborators


MYO-Share is a parallel project leaded by the Ottawa Hospital aimed to provide a platform for secure MRI sharing between researchers. The initiative assembles de-identified Muscle MRIs, genetic information and pathology images to improve diagnosis and provide objective imaging biomarkers of disease progression and response to treatment.